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The Complete Works

Celebrating the 450th anniversary of the birth of one of Cambridge University’s brightest alumni: Christopher Marlowe. 

Long recognised as one of the country’s most ambitious and influential student drama groups, the MARLOWE SOCIETY takes on its biggest challenge yet: the staging of the complete works of Marlowe over the course of one year.  Drawing together both Cambridge University students and theatre professionals, THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL promises fresh, original and exciting takes on Marlowe’s works for a variety of contemporary audiences.

Following on from the success of 2012′s historic production of Kyd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ in Kings College Chapel, THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL has celebrated the influence the city of Cambridge had upon Marlowe’s writing by performing his works throughout a variety of exciting locations across the city. 

It all began in November 2013, and it all finishes this Michaelmas with Tamburlaine the Great. The Marlowe Society would like to humbly thank those of you who have supported THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL so far, and for those of you that haven’t yet managed to come to a production, do look in on the final two happening this term.


Past Productions  


Dido, Queen of Carthage

In November 2013, THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL was launched with a production of one of Marlowe’s earliest plays: Dido, Queen of Carthage, directed by JMK Young Director award-winning Michael Oakley. Following on from the success of his 2008 Edward II ‘a sure gift for racy, pacy story-telling’ (Lynn Gardner- The Guardian) Oakley brought Dido, Queen of Carthage to Emmanuel College for four nights from November 13th, before a rare one-off performance at the Senate House. 

A review of the production can be found here: http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/theatre/0031047-review-dido-queen-of-carthage.html

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/2013-dido-queen-of-carthage


Doctor Faustus 

Dido, Queen of Carthage was followed by another fantastic production at the Cambridge Arts Theatre: Doctor Faustus, in January 2014. Directed by Drew Mulligan and with superb design from Valentina Ricci, the piece strongly invoked The Marlowe Society’s own 1951 production.  

Doctor Faustus review: http://www.whatsonstage.com/cambridge-theatre/reviews/02-2014/doctor-faustus-arts-theatre-cambridge_33395.html

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/2014-doctor-faustus


The Massacre at Paris

The Massacre at Paris  is one of Marlowe’s least-known, least-performed works – last done in Cambridge in 1970. It took to the main ADC stage in Feburary of this year, directed by a current student, Gareth Mattey. It proved a success despite the difficult nature of the text, and all involved should be applauded on their hard work and commitment to making the bloody events of St. Bartholomew’s Day, 1572, come to life.

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/2014-the-massacre-at-paris


The Jew of Malta

As is traditional in Cambridge, May Week sees ‘treading the boards’ replaced with ‘treading the cobbles’, as verse drama takes to the many beautiful courts of Cambridge Colleges. This intimate production of Marlowe’s Jew of Malta was a jolly affair set around the old court of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, directed by current student Arif Khan. Notably, the actors were able to move in and out of Kit Marlowe’s old student bedroom, which added a real sense of history to proceedings. The Marlowe Society would like to thank the Master and staff of Corpus Christi College for all their support with this show.

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/2014-the-jew-of-malta


Poetry Readings

Of course, Marlowe did not only write plays, but poetry too. We have been very proud to present Marlowe’s poetic works alongside his theatre as a part of THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL, in various venues. The Marlowe Society would like to thank Tim Cribb as well as Corpus Christi College for these lively evenings.


Upcoming Productions


Edward II

Edward II, one of the most controversial of Marlowe’s plays, will be staged in association with the Pembroke Players at their venue, the Pembroke New Cellars, between 28th October and 1st November, at 7pm. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at https://www.adcticketing.com/whats-on/drama/edward-ii.aspx. The production will be directed by Elias Wynshaw, a current student, and will feature an exciting all-female cast.

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/2014-edward-ii


Tamburlaine the Great

Tamburlaine the Great, Parts I and II will close the festival this November. Olivia Morgan – a current student and vital member of the Marlowe Committee – directs what looks set to be a very exciting show, with a great cast and crew in a suitably grand setting, to be announced very soon.

The show will be at 7pm from November 13th – 15th. Tickets will go on-sale shortly. Check back for more details.

The full cast and crew can be seen here: http://www.camdram.net/shows/tamburlaine-the-great



Huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in THE MARLOWE FESTIVAL so far, in any capacity, and for all those who have supported it.

We look forward to seeing you at Edward II and Tamburlaine, and finish a historic event in Cambridge theatre. 


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